Sachin Naik

Sachin Naik

I am a Certified Lean Six Sigma practitioner and trainer, have led / mentored 50+ Black Belt and 200+ Green Belt projects and trained 500+ mid and senior executives on Lean and Six Sigma.

About Me

I come from Amravati, a small district place in Maharashtra, India but have spend most of my time in Pune and Hyderabad. I am a computer science graduate from Amravati University and a Post Graduate in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow majoring in Marketing and Business Strategy with a minor in Operations Management.

I have been into many things in the last decade. Founding and running my own startups, working for early stage startups, consulting for eCommerce businesses, being a visiting faculty for management institutes, coaching MBA aspirants for entrance exams, mentoring management students to crack their placement interviews and so on.

But what I have enjoyed the most is working as a Black Belt / Master Black Belt for some of the most established corporations, known for driving Lean and Six Sigma at the core of their operations. And the most fascinating part of these roles was always facilitating Lean and Six Sigma trainings’ and mentoring LSS projects.

In my various roles, I have had the privilege of leading process excellence, and improving and transforming the Finance and Accounting processes, of some of the biggest Consumer product group, healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail, Transportation and Logistics, Hi-Tech and Internet companies. I have delivered value through my own Black Belt and Master Black Belt projects and through more than 50 Black Belt Belt and 200 plus Green Belt projects that I have mentored so far. The collective value delivered to these companies is upwards of $ 350 Million in business impact and upwards of $ 10 million in pure cost reductions. Still counting.

And all of this through Lean and Six Sigma.

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Why this blog

As part of my roles, I facilitated more than 250 sessions on various Lean and Six Sigma tools and concepts, Green Belt trainings and Black Belt workshops, touching upwards of 5000 working executives across management levels. That is more than 2500 hours spent on training executives on LSS and another 5000 hours on driving / mentoring LSS projects.

In all of these sessions, at-least at the start of these sessions, there was one particular concern that was common. The trainees, more often than not and irrespective of they being a junior associate or a senior executive, were from a non-statistical background. Specially in the FnA or Finance side of the business. They had little to no understanding of statistics, probability or any related concept. To add to it, all of them believed that practicing Lean Six Sigma would be extremely difficult without the statistical background.

What I realized in all these sessions is that the most important part in LSS adoption and usage was to break this myth at the very beginning. To make the participants understand that, to drive an LSS project, the statistics needed is not that complex. And this can be done by breaking down the seemingly complex concepts into simpler, easy to understand pieces.

I followed the same strategy in all my sessions and the results were very encouraging. The feedback received post all these sessions showed a huge increase in understanding these concepts and the usage increased many folds.

This blog is about all I have learned and is an honest attempt to share the same with you.

What will you find here?

What you will find in this blog are posts related to Lean and Six Sigma concepts, tools and techniques, explained in easy to understand language. I will also give you step by step directions on how to identify, select and scope the right LSS project, how to drive an LSS project through various methodologies (DMAIC, Lean, BPMS, DFSS, DMADV etc.), what tools to use in each of the project phases, how to identify and quantify the business benefit from such projects and so on. You will also find common, best practices that you could use in your day to day job to make it leaner, simpler and how to back up your or test your hypothesis using data.

All that you will read here can be effectively used to improve your existing processes, build new efficient processes, manage your work better and drive value for your businesses.

The LSS knowledge can prove useful to working professional from across all domains and industries and for graduate / management students alike.

Hope you benefit from the posts.

Since you have had the patience to read till here, why not check out my latest posts and see it for yourself!

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