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Lean Six Sigma Acronyms

Lean Six Sigma Acronyms

Below is the list of most common Lean and Six Sigma Acronyms and Abbreviations.

In case I have missed adding any, please feel free to point it out and I will add it. Also, do let me know if any of the below LSS Acronyms are incorrect and I will correct it as well.

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Here you go!

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Lean Six Sigma Acronyms : 0 – 9, A – B

3PProduction Preparation Process
6MMan, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement and Mother Nature
8RRight Quality, Right Quantity, Right Material, Right Place, Right Time, Right Source, Right Price, Right Transport, Right Contract
AARAfter Action Review
ABCActivity Based Costing
ANDActivity Network Diagram
ANOVAAnalysis of Variance
APQPAdvanced Product Quality Planning
AQLAcceptable Quality Level (Limit)
BBBlack Belt
BOMBill of Materials
BOSCARDBackground, Objectives, Scope, Constraints, Assumptions, Risks and Deliverables
BPMBusiness Process Management
BPMNBusiness Process Model and Notation

Lean Six Sigma Acronyms : C – H

CAPACorrective Action and Preventive Action
CAPMCertified Associate in Project Management
CCPMCritical Chain Project Management
CCRCapacity Constraint Resources
CIContinuous Improvement
CLTCentral Limit Theorem
COBACABANAControl of Balance by Card Based Navigation
COPQCost of Poor Quality
CoVCoefficient Of Variation
CPCritical Path
CPICritical Performance Indicator
CRCompletion Rate
CSMCharacteristic Selection Matrix
CTCycle Time
CTCCritical to Customer
CTQCritical to Quality
CuSumCumulative Sum Control Chart
DBRDrum Buffer Rope
DCFDiscounted Cash Flows
DDMRPDemand Driven MRP
DFDegree of Freedom
DFLSSDesign For Lean Six Sigma
DFM (DFA)Design for Manufacture (Assembly)
DFMEADesign Failure Mode Effect Analysis
DFSSDesign for Six Sigma
DMADVDefine, Measure, Analyse, Design, Verify
DMAICDefine, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control
DOEDesign of Experiments
DOWNTIMEDefects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-utilized Talent, Transportation, Inventory Excess, Motion Waste, Excess Processing
DPMDefects per Million
DPMODefects per Million Opportunities
DPPMDefective Parts Per Million
DPUDefects per Unit
DQCDelivery, Quality, Cost
ECRSEliminate, Combine, Rearrange, Simplify
EOQEconomic Order Quantity
EPEIEvery Part Every Interval
ERCEngineering Change Request
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
ETOEngineer to Order
EVOPEvolutionary Operations
FACTUALFocus, Approach, Converge, Test, Understand, Apply, Leverage
FBSFinal Build Sequence
FIFOFirst In First Out
FILOFirst In Last Out
FISHFirst In Still Here
FMAFailure Mode Analysis
FMEAFailure Modes & Effect Analysis
FMECAFailure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis
FMSFlexible Manufacturing System
FPYFirst Pass Yield
FRSFinal Requirement Sheet
FTTFirst Time Through
GBGreen Belt
HMLVHigh Mix Low Volume

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Lean Six Sigma Acronyms : I – N

IDInterrelationship Digraph
IPOInput-Process-Output Diagram
IRRInternal Rate of Return
JIJob Instructions
JISJust in Sequence
JITJust In Time
JMJob Methods
JRJob Relation
JUSEJapanese Union of Scientists and Engineers
KPIVKey Process Input Variables
KPOVKey Process Output Variables
KPRKey performance Resource
KPTKeep, Problem, Try
LAMDALook, Ask, Model, Discuss, Act
LCLLower Control Limit
LSLLower Specification Limit
LSSLean Six Sigma
LTLead Time
MBBMaster Black Belt
MBOManagement by Objectives
MBPManagement by Policy
MBWAManagement by Walking Around
MCEManufacturing Cycle Efficiency
MIFAMaterial and Information Flow Analysis
MIFDMaterial and Information Flow Diagrams
MOMSManufacturing Operations Management System
MoSCoWMust have, Should have, Could have, Would have. 
MOSTMaynard Operation Sequence Technique
MQBModularer Querbaukasten, German for Modular Transversal Toolkit
MRPMaterial Requirement Planning
MSAMeasurement System Analysis
MTBFMeantime Between Failures
MTMMethods-Time Measurement
MTOMake to Order
MTSMake to Stock
MTTFMean Time To Failure
MTTRMean Time to Repair
NCFNo Cause Found
NGTNominal Group Technique
NUMMINew United Motor Manufacturing, Inc.
NVANon Value Added

Download Lean Six Sigma Acronyms list as PDF eBook for FREE!

Lean Six Sigma Acronyms : O – Q

OAEOverall (Production) Asset Efficiency
OEEOverall Equipment Efficiency
OFEOverall Factory Efficiency
OGSMObjectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures
OHSAOccupational Health and Safety
OKRObjectives and Key Results
OLEOverall Line Efficiency
OMCDOperations Management Consulting Division
OODAObserve, Orient, Decide, Act
OPDCAObserve, Plan, Do, Check, Act
OPEOverall People/Process Effectiveness
OTEOverall Throughput Efficiency
OTIFOn Time In Full
PCEProcess cycle efficiency
PDProgram Development
PDCAPlan Do Check Act
PDFProject Definition Form
PDPCProcess Decision Program Chart
PDSAPlan Do Study Act
PECProcess Evaluation Checklist
PEEProduction Equipment Efficiency
PEEPPlan for Every Part
PERTProgram Evaluation and Review Technique
PFMEAProcess Failure Mode Effect Analysis
PLMProduct Lifecycle Management
PLTProcess / Production Lead Time
PMIProject Management Institute
PMPProject Management Professional
PMTSPredetermined Motion Time System
POLCAPaired-Cell Overlapping Loops of Cards with Authorization
PONPrice of Nonconformance
PPAPProduction Part Approval Process
PPIProducer Price Index
PPMParts Per Million
PQPRProduct Quantity Process Routing Analysis
PTOPurchase to Order
PTSPurchase to Stock
QAQuality Assurance
QCQuality Circle
QCDQuality, Cost, Delivery
QCDFQuality, Cost, Delivery, Flexibility
QCDMSQuality, Cost, Delivery, Morale, Safety
QDCQuick Die Change
QDIPQuality, Delivery, Inventory, and Productivity
QFDQuality Function Deployment
QRMQuick Response Manufacturing

Download Lean Six Sigma Acronyms list as PDF eBook for FREE!

Lean Six Sigma Acronyms : R – T

R&RR&R. Repeatability and Reproducibility.
RACIResponsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed Party
RCARoot Cause Analysis
RCMReliability Centered Maintenance
ROIReturn on Investment
RPNRisk Priority Number
RQLRejectable Quality Level / Rejectable Quality Limit
RTYRolled Throughput Yield
RUMBAReasonable, Understandable, Measurable, Believable and Achievable
SCESupply Chain Execution
SCMSupply Chain Management
SCPSupply Chain Planning
SDCAStandardize, Do, Check, Act
SIPOCSupplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer
SKUStock Keeping Unit
SMARTSpecific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound
SMEDSingle Minute Exchange of Dies
SOPStandard Operating Procedure
SOPStart of Production
SPCStatistical Process Control
SPSSet Part Supply
SQCStatistical Quality Control
SQDCSafety, Quality, Delivery, and Cost
SQPCSafety, Quality, Productivity, Cost
TBSTemporary Build Sequence
TEEPTotal Effective Equipment Performance
TMCToyota Motor Corporation
TMUTime Measurement Unit
TNGAToyota New Global Architecture
TOCTheory of Constraints
TPDSToyota Product Development System
TPMTotal Preventive Maintenance
TPSToyota Production System
TQTotal Quality
TQCTotal Quality Control
TQMTotal Quality Management
TSSWThinking the Six Sigma Way
TVALToyota Verification of Assembly
TWITraining Within Industry

Download Lean Six Sigma Acronyms list as PDF eBook for FREE!

Lean Six Sigma Acronyms : U – Z

UCLUpper Control Limit
USLUpper Specification Limit
VAValue Add
VATValue Added Time
VIFVariance Inflation Factor
VMIVendor Managed Inventory
VOBVoice of Business
VOCVoice of Customer
VOPVoice of the Process
VSDValue Stream Design
VSMValue Stream Mapping
WACCWeighted Average Cost of Capital
WCLWorld Class Logistics
WCMWorld Class Manufacturing
WIPWork In Progress
XInput / potential causes / significant causes [Y = f(X)]
YOutputs / Project Y / Project metric [Y = f(X)]
ZDZero Defect

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